Martin is a sought after speaker around the world, he has worked with many clients including IBM, HP, CA, JPMorganChase, BearingPoint and many more.  Martin has spent the last 20 years in technology, across many areas, working in commerce and banking, management consulting and software.  While managing projects through dramatic change and creating many products along the way, perhaps Martin is best known as a passionate IT visionary, whose ideas have shaped many clients minds and their companies too, and along the way, helping to create and indentify a whole new industry movement called ‘IT Management’. 

Martin is a well-known entrepreneur and internet celebrity too, and has helped to shape and clarify the internet for business.  He is currently the CEO & co-founder of – a leading business social network professionals and businesses.  Martin is driving the ‘free service movement for small business’ – and changing the way business is done, through the cloud, and virtual.

Martin can speak about many technology subjects from the technical aspects to marketing, to the management of technology.

His favorite two subjects are:

(1) Know what you can achieve from Enterprise IT

Here Martin expresses the transformation of the IT function in succinct terms from the last 5 years to the present day to the challenges CIO’s / corporate IT functions will face in the next 5 years for corporate IT.  He discusses the CIO and CTO roles and their expansion necessary to make them effective in a devolved world of IT.  Martin gets you to think about the impact of the internet on managing IT, from lowering the cost of operations, to rethinking IT off-shoring and outsourcing, to modern day IT security, and changing role of the ‘internal client’.  Areas that can be covered in this 1 hour speech are:

Each speech can be tailored to meet the client’s needs.

(2) The Web, but not as we know it…

Martin discusses the effect of the internet on our lives, both at home and work.   In this passionate speech he highlights the ever-increasing need of video and real-time information, and the issues of privacy and monopolies.  He talks about the ‘rise, rise, and fall of internet services’ that are changing our life and the exciting new advancements of the internet that will effect everything we do.  Don’t miss this speech that will make you rethink the way you interact with the Web.  Areas that can be covered in this 1 hour speech are:

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