Martin Warner is a serial entrepreneur, film producer, media investor and philanthropist. Martin is renowned for creating and developing disruptive ideas and developing market leading products and services.
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Recent News

In late 2014, botObjects which was co-founded by Martin was acquired by 3D Systems Corporation, the world leader in 3D printing. The ProDesk3D (now called the CubePro® C), and part of the CubePro family made the Hot 100 list in T3 Magazine.
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Latest Ventures

Martin recently invested in Flix Premiere - the worlds first true online cinema, aimed at delivering new movie premieres - anytime, anywhere.  He continues to invest is disruptive business models across media and technology - including InventorsSpace, a new venture aimed at bringing inventors and investors together to enable new inventions to get to market quicker, 7elevation - a cloud marketing service platform for small and medium (SMEs) sized businesses, focused on empowering organizations to advance their marketing capabilities at low cost.


Martin has helped to deliver a number of technological innovations over the years which have helped tackle many big issues within IT. These include business networking, business seminar markets, the first real ERP for IT, corporate news ticker implementation, the pioneering of rapid application development principles and techniques and The Engine Concept - automating financial trades of investment banks.
He is also the founder of Tech Entrepreneurs Week.
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Watch Martin talk about business, media and technology issues, through his 'Technology of Tomorrow series', with global business and technology leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Carly Fiorina, Peter Guber and many more.
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Martin is a sought after speaker around the world. He has worked with many clients including: IBM, HP, CA, JPMorganChase and BearingPoint. Martin has spent the last 20 years speaking about technology, commerce, banking, management consulting and software.
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To view some of Martin's appearances, you can view his personal gallery by following the link below. Martin is often seen an the Cannes film festival and other premiere events.
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In the press

As a popular technology & media commentator, Martin appears frequently on television and radio, as well as in newspapers and magazines. Click on the link below to view some of his more recent media appearances.
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